Getting Started

Getting started with AllDrafts, a cloud-based editor designed specifically for contracts, with automatic formatting, a massive clause library, smart redaction, and insanely easy templates.

Getting Around

Once you've signed into AllDrafts, the folder icon in the light-blue square in the upper left of every page is your link to the folder view, where you can see and search all your documents.

AllDrafts saves everything, automatically. You do not need to worry about explicitly saving before clicking a link or navigating to another page or view.

AllDrafts support double-clicking (to open a document from the folder view) and right-clicking (for context menus with relevant commands) throughout the application.

Starting from an Existing Document

From the folder view you can search your existing documents, browser your document folder, and examine the Community folder for model documents from AllDrafts and AllDrafts users. If the existing document you want to use is a template, just double-click it and it will open as a new document based on that template.

(You never have to worry about accidentally editing the template itself; templates can only be opened for editing by using their 'Edit template' link.)

If you would like to start from an existing document that is not a template, use the Copy to New Document command shown above the preview on the right, or on the right-click menu from the document in folder view.

Importing from Word or Elsewhere

At this time, the highest quality import (preserving the most data and document structure) comes from copying and pasting a document. If you would like to import a Word document, we recommend opening a new empty document in AllDrafts, then copying the entire Word document to the clipboard (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C on Windows, or Cmd+A, Cmd+C on Mac) and then pasting it as the entire document in AllDrafts (Ctrl+A, Ctrl+V).

Creating a New Document

From the folder view, use the 'New' button at the top of the window to create a new document. You'll be given the opportunity to name the document, and to see (and change) the folder it will be stored in.

You can always accept the defaults and change these later; just click the New button that appears below these options.

One reason to give the document a title right here, though, is that AllDrafts will search the document templates available to you for templates with similar titles. If you decide you'd like to start from one of these templates, just double-click it, and you'll create a new document based on that template.

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